Swim Meet Schedule

Procedure to declare: Go to YOUR www.hammerheadusaswimming.com
account, click competitions and declare entry for the swim meet.


HAFL Meet Schedule 2020

Groups & Eligibility
April 4 POWER Open Water @ Pompano Beach 10&U; All ages
April 24-26 Open @ Coral Springs Fund 2/ Skills/ Jr & Sr
May 16-17 Panther Invite @ FIU North Campus 10&U/ 11-13/13&O
June 12-14 Michael Lohberg @ Coral Springs Open/ All ages
June 20 Dragon SC Summer Invite @ Jupiter Open/ All ages
June 30-1 Broward BC Champs @ YSF Weston <BB times
July 10-12* North BB Champs @ NPB/Plantation All Qualifiers
July 16-19 Junior Olympics @ NPB/Martin County All Qualifiers
July 24-26 Senior Champs @ Coral Springs All Qualifiers
Sept 18-20 Sizzler/Open @ Sunrise All ages
October June Woolger @ Sunrise 10&U/ 11-13/13&O
November7-8 Piranhas Turkey Classic @ Pompano Beach All ages
Nov 21-22 Invite @ Coral Springs Open/ All ages
Dec 6 Dade County Sprint @ North Miami 8&U/10&U/11&O
Dec 10-13 Winter Champs @ Plantation All Qualifiers
* – Mandatory for Junior and Senior groups