Coach JohnThere are currently five (5) different training groups that Hammerhead Aquatics offers. Swimmers are placed into groups by the coaching staff based on ability, motivation and mental maturity. Please keep in mind that the Hammerhead Aquatics Coaching Staff will make the final determination in regards to the appropriate training group for any swimmer.

Group Ages Description
Fundamentals 1 5+ This is Hammerhead Aquatics entry-level group. Swimmers must be able to complete 2 lengths of the pool (50 yards) of a legal freestyle and backstroke, along with proper turns. Swimmers should also have some ability to do breast stroke and butterfly. There are two (2) workouts offered each week, for 45 minutes each.
Fundamentals 2 7+ This is Hammerhead Aquatics second entry-level group. Swimmers must be able to complete 2 lengths of the pool (50 yards) of all four different strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke, with proper turns. This group focuses on technique, and lower aerobic training. Swimmers are asked to complete 2 to 3 workouts per week, for 1 hour and 15 minutes each. Light dryland exercise and strength training are also introduced into this group.
Skills 9-13 The Skills swimmers have slightly more experience than Fundamentals. Focus is completely on refining competitive techniques. Skills swimmers are introduced to various forms of training which are designed to improve endurance, strength and competition. Four (4) workouts, at 1.5 hours each, are offered for this training group. A minimum of 75% attendance is highly suggested to be part of this group.
Junior 11-16 Junior swimmers are relatively seasoned competitive athletes. This group demands a relatively high level of dedication. The focus in this group shifts to training as opposed to technique. Before entering this group, swimmers MUST have mastered all basic techniques and be willing to submit to a regimented program. 5 -6 workouts per week from 1.5 to 2 hrs each are offered for this group. A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory. Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in swim meets on a regular basis.
Senior 13+ Senior is by invitation only and will consist of the top, most dedicated swimmers, and this decision is made by the coaching staff. These swimmers are focusing on becoming the best that they can be. Practice is mandatory, while preparing for regional, national, Olympic trials and international competitions. Year round competitions areĀ  mandatory for being considered into the Senior group. Age does not automatically entitle a swimmer to be in the Senior group ability, attitude and attendance are key factors to participating in the Senior group.

PLEASE NOTE: Swimmers are to remain in the pool area and not in the parking lots for safety reasons. Parents must pick up students within 10 minutes after the end of their scheduled practice. Our staff must be able to continue the next practice.