2018 “B” Champ Results

We had eight swimmers represent the team: Taylor Dedon, Andres Gill, Elliott Green, Callie Jordan Cole Jordan, Sabrina Stock, Elliott White, Oscar White

A big Hammerhead shout out and congratulations on all your outstanding swims this past weekend at the “B” Champs.

Taylor Dedon, Taylor had 6 swims where she had 6 best times, with a total of 9.367 seconds of overall improvement

Andres Gill, Andres had 6 swims and improved 36.54 seconds, with 4 top 20th place finishes and a 14 place finish in the 50 Butterfly

Elliott Green, Elliott had 6 swims, and improved 33.6 seconds, with a top 15 place in the 100 Backstroke

Callie Jordan, Callie had 6 swims, with 3 top five finishes: 50 Free 4th & JO Cut 26; 100 Free, 4th and 50 Backstroke finishing 2nd making the JO cut ,31.43. 8.25 improvement in her times

Cole Jordan, Cole had 5 swims, with 3 top 5 finishes: 100 Back stroke, 5 place, 50 Backstroke, 2 place and JO cut 33.73 and 3rd in the 50 Breaststroke 37.67, another JO cut with 21.59 seconds of improvement.

Sabrina Stock, Sabrina competed in 6 events with her best event in the 100 IM where she had a best time and a top 20 place finish.

Elliot White, competed in 3 events in which he improved a total of 8.2 seconds and a top 20th place finish in the 100 IM, 19th place, with a time of 1:49.2

Oscar White, competed in 6 events, with one top ten performance, 100 Breast stroke 1;35.35 for 7th Place, and 3 top 15 place finishes, with a total time of improvement of 1.14 seconds.

Callie Jordan and Cole Jordan join our Junior Olympic individual qualifiers: Vadim Burunov, Charles Wingold and Oscar White as a relay swimmer preparing for the Junior Olympic meet in two weeks, March 16, 17, 18 in Coral Springs

I believe this is the most swimmers we have had qualifying for JO’s. Congratulations Junior Olympians